OptiSyst offers a complete service in statistics, starting from the definition and gathering of relevant information and all the way to the conclusions of various data analysis.


Our specialty is on fields of transport and market analysis.


We can organise questionnaires (potentially in cooperation with partners). We can work on electronic data mining, and apply various analysis tools such as:


-       analysis of variances (Anova)

-       Chi-squared test

-       Correlation

-       Factor analysis

-       Regression analysis

-       Student's t-test

-       Time series analysis


We also offer an OR (Operations Research) service in the field of transport (itineraries, frequencies).


We also offer training courses on statistics.


Orbet 66 B

Ecublens, 1024 Ecublens Switzerland




If you need to speak with our director or one of the experts, please don't hesitate to call.
You may also get in touch with us using our contact form.


OptiSyst’s curriculum follows established consulting and teaching activities in China. 

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