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Optisyst is a consulting and teaching service group focussing on finance, statistics and Operations Research.


It benefits of particular strengths in financial and operational leasing and the concept of energy saving self-financing, as well as transport schedules and iteneraries optimisation.


Based in China and in Switzerland, Optisyst also offers teaching of Chinese business language and organisation of business travels to Europe and the United States.


Our succesful book "Radical Plus" is currently available in three languages (English, French and German).



Our successful book "Radical plus" is currently available in three languages (English, French and German).



Orbet 66 B

Ecublens, 1024 Ecublens Switzerland


Email: info@optisyst.com


If you need to speak with our director or one of the experts, please don't hesitate to call.
You may also get in touch with us using our contact form.


OptiSyst’s curriculum follows established consulting and teaching activities in China. 

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